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Sunday 4 December
223 blank RG 15/100 140/1000
Buffalo river rifle slips 9.95 each
Federal slug 16g/2 3/4
New Magtech air rifle .177 synth/stock 65.95
Rocket para illuminators 19.95 each
Tumbling Media (Corn or Walnut) 4 per kg

Welcome to my website. I am a Northampton-based RFD specialising in reloading components and shooting supplies at low prices. I offer a full range of centrefire and shotshell components including the Vectan range of powders. I supply ammunition including Prvi Partizan and maintain a small stock of firearms.

I am a sole trader working from home which helps me keep prices low. I have been an active shooter for over 20 years and an RFD for most of that time supplying locally at first, then nationally. I try to offer the active shooter value for money in the current economic climate when shooting regularly can be expensive.

Peter Lawman

  • Bullets, Cases and Primers
    I supply a comprehensive range of reloading components including bullets, cartridge cases, primers and reloading equipment. Please see Reloading for more details.
  • Shotshell
    I offer a complete source of reloading components for the active shotshell reloader. Please see Shotshell for details.
  • Vectan Powders
    I supply the full range of Vectan reloading powders from Nobelsport.
  • Prvi Partizan
    I supply Prvi Partizan, an excellent range of ammunition made from all-new components. Please see Ammunition for details.